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HAVI Logistics Philippines, Inc. reaches out to Typhoon Ketsana victims

On October 22, 2009, HAVI Logistics Phil. Inc. (HLPI) went out to the community to distribute relief goods that reached 1,000 families in Marikina City who are still struggling to bring their lives back to normal after Typhoon Ketsana.

The aftermath of Typhoon Ketsana (local name Ondoy) highlighted a very serious problem of lack of potable water because water reservoirs, pipes, tanks, and underground wells did not escape the severe damage the storm has brought the country. This consequently led to illnesses caused by intake of contaminated water. With this primary concern, HAVI provided supply of purified water for the victims of the typhoon.

On September 26, 2009 shortly before noon, Typhoon Ketsana made its landfall in the Philippines packed with maximum winds of 85 km/h and gustiness of 100 km/h. In a matter of hours, water level at Marikina River rose from a normal depth of 14 meters to 23 meters which is equivalent to an eight-story building. In its scale and suddenness, low areas became flooded until residents climbed up to their roofs waiting to be rescued. With 80% of the metropolis submerged in flood and mud, this unprecedented disaster goes down in history as Manila’s worst deluge in more than 40 years. A total of 880,175 families were affected and Php10.45 Billion worth of infrastructure and agriculture were damaged nationwide with Marikina City being identified as one of the hardest hit areas.

Amidst being located in the center of the disaster, HLPI managed to be fully operational within 24 hours. With the strong intent and leadership of the management team of HLPI with the assitance of the regional and global affliliates of HAVI, to help bring normality not just within the company but to neighboring areas as well, HLPI employees gathered to extend aid to the community. Aside from providing potable water, we also rendered services to the Ronald McDonald House of Charity through assistance in relief goods distribution.

“A lot of our employees were affected by this disaster but we have a responsibility to also reach out to help others in the community affected by this disaster. This is not only our responsibility but our philosophy in HAVI ”, said Mr. Ronnie Cruz, Managing Director of HAVI Philippines

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